Highest Recovery Rate

More than a simple 'Going Out of Business' sign is required to effectively sell a company's assets. BTA takes into account current market trends and values relating to particular assets at the time of sale and creates the most effective asset disposition strategy to best serve the particular needs and obligations of the company. In this way we are able to plan for and achieve the highest recovery value for assets being sold off.

The Benefits of a Liquidation

Where assets are highly specialized and/or industry-specific, an orderly liquidation sale is often the most effective way to achieve desired results. The planning and execution of a liquidation sale is of vital importance. At BTA we not only advertize and market these assets, we actively solicit buyers to ensure that items are sold at the highest possible price.

BTA funds all related expenses up-front, including the marketing and necessary labor to facilitate an effective and successful Liquidation.

BTA provides the most effective liquidation strategy

We customize our strategy with each individual liquidation sale based on our client's unique goals and objectives. We maintain a comprehensive database of buyers and add to this regularly through extensive advertizing within select trade publications and newspapers. Our highly motivated and enthusiastic Sales team is on hand from day one to catalogue the company's assets, to set target selling prices and to negotiate with interested buyers.